Kansas Secretary of State: There is Proof of Widespread Voter Fraud

On Sunday a top Trump adviser doubled down on claims of widespread voter fraud in the 2016 election, saying the White House has provided “enormous evidence” to substantiate the assertion.

“The White House has provided enormous evidence with respect to voter fraud, with respect to people being registered in more than one state Jackets, dead people voting, noncitizens being registered to vote,” White House senior policy adviser Stephen Miller said on ABC’s ‘This Week with George Stephanopoulos.’

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach said Miller is referring to voters who are registered in more than one state Water Sports.

“About three million people are registered in more than one state. But get this Neil, it’s no crime to be registered in more than one state vote, but it is a crime if you actually try to vote in two states and every year thousands of people do,” Kobach said during an interview on the FOX Business Network’s Cavuto: Coast-to-Coast.

Kobach said the rise in the participation rate of non-citizen voters could directly affect the results of an election Tennis & Racquet Sports.

“If you are looking at the problem of non-citizens voting, we have a lot of evidence there too,” he said Bras. “In Kansas because we are litigating over our proof of citizenship requirement, we have an expert who has analyzed our voter rolls and thinks as many as eighteen thousand non-citizens could be on the rolls and many of them voting.”

The Kansas Secretary of State thinks more than one million votes were fraudulent this past election cycle, and that could have affected the final popular vote count between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Boys.

“We can’t know, but it’s certainly possible,” Kobach told host Neil Cavuto.

When asked if the election results would have changed with Trump winning the popular vote, Kobach said, “Not in Kansas, but if you take some of the really big states like California, Texas, some of the states that have a large alien population you could have more than a million votes that were not legitimate.”

HARD PILLOW Daughter left speechless after noticing VERY RUDE pattern on mother’s new cushions – can you spot it

Reddit user Waffle_Tw*** took pictures of her mother’s lovely new blue and white floral cushions before noticing a rather phallic like image – cleverly disguised as a twee rose print Tops & Tees.

The Reddit noticed the saucy pattern and couldn’t resist posting it online

She posted the snap on Reddit with the comment: “My mother bought these throw pillows Support Stockings.”

The hilarious post quickly attracted hundreds of funny comments Cycling Bottoms.

One wrote: “Where does one procur such things? I have a retirement facility that needs decorating Suits & Blazers.”

The cushions are on sale online for £22.50

Another joked: “I couldn’t figure it out for the longest time. Then, I realized I’d been staring at a bunch of d**** for the past 5 minutes Knickers. ”

One eagle-eyed user even decided to do some research to find out where to buy the rude cushions.

Early morning fire displaces 14 in Taunton

TAUNTON — An early-morning apartment house fire on High Street has left 11 adults and three children temporarily homeless.

No one was injured as result of the smoky blaze, which spread quickly through walls from the cellar to the third-floor attic.

It was the second such fire in the city within the past week.

Last Saturday, an apartment house fire at 18 Rockland St. in the Whittenton neighborhood displaced eight adults and three young children, none of whom were hurt.

Fire Chief Timothy Bradshaw said two elderly tenants from the five-unit High Street building were taken to Morton Hospital as a precaution.

Bradshaw said they could have inhaled some smoke or might simply have experienced anxiety.

As for the two-alarm fire, which was called into the 911 emergency dispatch office at 4:02 a.m., Bradshaw said his crew had its hands full.

“It was a stubborn, stubborn fire, very labor-intensive,” said the chief as he surveyed the circa-1900 house badly damaged by fire, smoke and water from fire hoses.

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Fire rips through Taunton tenement

He said the High Street building and the Rockland Street house, which also is listed by the city’s assessor’s office as being built in 1900, both have a balloon-frame construction.

That older design, Bradshaw said, typically leaves dead space in walls called voids in which fire thrives and travels.

“The problem is it moves faster than you can,” he said, even with the benefit of infrared, thermal-image cameras.

Bradshaw said firefighters at the two recent fires used axes and other gear to tear walls apart, which he said can be frustrating.

“You just can’t get at them,” Bradshaw said, referring to flames obscured by walls.

The chief said the building, in his opinion Clothing, appeared not to be salvageable.

Willy Aponte said he was visiting his girlfriend, who he said has lived in the house for 30 years Dresses, when his 9-year-old grandson woke them up when a smoke alarm sounded in the hallway.

“He said he was going back to sleep, but I told him no. We jumped out of bed to get out,” Aponte, 56, said.

Aponte said his girlfriend “lost everything,” including her laptop, TVs, clothes and some new furniture.

After the fire had been extinguished, a Taunton firefighter made two trips into the woman’s second-floor apartment to retrieve Aponte’s cellphone and cash and to look for his medication Shorts & Trousers.

Danny Lima, 32, said he and his wife, who is pregnant, lost possessions including their television, video games and the crib they bought for their soon-to-be-born baby.

He said everyone in the building managed to get out safely.

“Everybody come out here,” he said.

Building owner Joseph Andrade said he’ll have a better idea if it makes sense to repair the house after speaking to his insurance adjuster Thermal Underwear.

“As far as I know Coats & Jackets, everything was in good condition,” said Andrade, 61.

He said the High Street house is equipped with new boilers and wiring in the basement. But he also noted that the cellar is now submerged in water.

A total of five fire engines and a ladder truck responded to the fire.

The Taunton Emergency Management Agency and Red Cross volunteers responded to assist the displaced tenants.

Firefighter Michael Cleary stressed that no one should ever assume that a smoke or fire alarm is a false alarm.

Unfortunately, he said, too many people, including those in apartment houses, gamble that it’s not the real thing.

“A lot of them don’t even come out,” Cleary said.

The Dighton Fire Department provided one of its fire trucks at the scene, Bradshaw said.

Mutual aid coverage was provided by Berkley, Norton and Raynham.

Fire Lt. Jason Hayes, with the assistance of Cleary and police Detective Manuel Spencer, are investigating the cause of Friday’s fire.

Cebu vases to make waves at ASEAN summit

CEBU – Cebuano artistry will take the limelight during next week’s Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) summit meetings Denim, as participants are set to receive locally designed vases as guest tokens Handbags & Wallets.

Taking the center stage at meetings starting Monday in Cebu will be vases patterned after a design by a local artisan Lingerie & Underwear, and produced by Minglanilla-based Bon-Ace Fashion Tools Inc.

Bon-Ace founder, engineer Ramir Bonghanoy, who typically uses shells in his art, created the “Wave Vase” design. He and his artisans use shells discarded by the food industry in their works Coats & Jackets.

The vase is encased in a fiberglass inlay with kabibe shells, and the stone base sports gold plated metal engraved with the word “Philippines.”

Bonghanoy said he was very happy when the Department of Tourism chose his design, because he wants to promote local artists, as well as show the world the wonders of Cebu.

“We wish to convey the message that Cebu has rich marine resources. There are lots of shells…This kind of industry, shell inlay, employs thousands of people, and the artisans here Boys, the workers doing inlays, na-hone ang ilang skills. They are the best in the world, and this has to be promoted,” said Bonghanoy.

Bonghanoy’s firm has come a long way since it started producing buttons for clothing firms in 1993. It now makes fashion accessories and furniture.

Angie’s List The Disappearing Dining Room

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Whether you call it dinner or supper, only 23 percent of us are spending our evening meal gathered around a proper dinner table in space designed just for that purpose. Seven percent of us still have dining room furniture in the room, but rarely even go in there, according to a new Angie’s List survey.

“Formal dining rooms seem to be disappearing,” says Randy Sorrell, founder of Surroundings, a remodeling company. “Kitchen tables are still around … generally … but dining rooms, are, wow, you know, those are becoming studios. It’s an office. It’s a work-out room. It’s anything but a dining room.”

Sixty-two percent of survey respondents say they still have dinner with the family almost every night Shoes. Angie Hicks, founder of Angie’s List, is one of them.

“We’re a family that eats right in the kitchen so our dining room goes unused. When our kids were younger, we used it for homework and now we only go in there to change the thermostat.”

Two-thirds of the respondents haven’t redecorated or re-designed their dining room but use it for office or homework space Movie & TV Fan Apparel, an unorganized storage area, even space for the dog. But 13 percent are so sure they won’t ever eat there again, they’ve ditched the table and chairs. The Vielee family is one example.

“The first thing that happened when the table left was it became our storage unit Tops & Tees. But really, my kids love yoga. So having that floor space, most nights you can find them there, doing yoga,” she said.

When the Vielees moved into their home eight years ago, they had six busy children at home and thought the dining room would be a routine gathering spot. Total times they actually gathered there for a meal: 10.

“On average, our family does not eat dinner together. I really try to get as many people together on Sundays, but during the week, it’s just too hard for all of us to eat at the same time,” she said.

Vielee says when all the kids are out of the house and the yoga stops, she wants to redecorate the space into a quiet, restful reading room.

Many dining room re-uses can be done as a D-I-Y project, but Angie cautions against getting the sledge hammer out without a plan and professional help Leisure Sports & Game Room. Taking down walls can create structural issues if they’re load-bearing. Removing wainscoting or wood trim can be tricky Jackets, too.

For tips on how to approach any remodeling change, visit the Angie’s List Guide to Remodeling.

The Angie’s List survey included responses from 1,245 members across the country. It was conducted in January, 2017.

Chamber of Commerce agrees that these workers deserve a

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It’s so dishonest, and they’ve poisoned the minds of the

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It was a rule that required hunters to shoot a doe before they

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Pagani disfraza todo esto de hermandad de machos porteos

pNew York State Police arrested Nicholas J. In a car about to enter the New York State Thruway near New Paltz, about 60 miles north of New York City.In January 1983, North Lauderdale police issued a warrant for DAmbrosio in the slaying of Mark Tortoriello, who was shot and killed on Dec. 30, 1982, in front of a house in the 8200 block of Southwest Fifth Court, a block from his home.
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Oakley sunglasses cheap smiled michael kors outlet online and

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